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10 Things To Know About K-Drama Couple Park Min Young & Kim Jae Wook

Here are ten quick facts about the onscreen couple in “Her Private Life”.

If you are suffering from K-Drama ‘Her Private Life’ withdrawal syndrome, here’s an antidote.

Catch Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook at 2019 StarHub Night of Stars on Starhub’s TV and digital platforms. Earlier this month, the pair turned up at the award ceremony at Marina Bay Sands. Jae Wook and Min Young received the Best Male and Female Asian Star Awards respectively.

KKBOX sat down with the K-stars before the glitzy extravaganza. Here’s a list of 10 interesting facts aboutthe K-drama couple which they told us themselves.

Park Min Young

Park Min Young’s must-eat Singapore dish is…

“Actually I am so excited to have chilli crab, I already made a reservation for a restaurant, after the awards ceremony.”

Sung Deok Mi is a fangirl. But Min Yong is not.

“I don’t really fangirl, but my sister does. I even followed her to a H.O.T (South Korean boy band) concert. To play the role of a fan in Her Private Life, I studied the love from my fans.”

Feel free to tell Min Young your secrets

“I’m very tight-lipped. You can tell me anything, I won’t tell anyone.”

She wants to go clubbing

“There’s a lot I want to try out. But I can’t do it (because I’m a celebrity). For instance, I’d like to go clubbing.”

She’s an old soul when it comes to music

“I like old songs that were released in the 90s. It is not that I do not adore current songs though. But 1990s songs accompanied me through my growing years.”

Kim Jae Wook

He’s an interesting guy

More than once during the interview, Jae Wook reiterated:“I’m more interesting and fun than people think I am”

In real life, he’s an average Joe

“I don’t feel that I’m cool. It’s because of the K-drama which needs me to portray a cool image.Offset, I’m a normal guy”.

He wants to see the world

“I like to travel and would want to visit third world countries”

He picked up acting skills on the job

“I didn’t go to acting school. It was only after I gained more experience that I felt confident enough to take on the lead role in ‘Her Private Life’.”

The leading man is open to all roles — big or small

“Just because I was the lead for “Her Private Life”, this does not mean that I will reject second lead roles, as long as the character attracts me, I will do so.”

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