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5 Highlights From Hwang Chi Yeul Starry Night Concert in Singapore

SINGAPORE – Last Saturday marked the second time that Hwang Chi Yeul performed in Singapore. He sprung to fame in 2015 after his appearance on I Can See Your Voice, which is a Korean music program that tests its guest singers’ ability to discern tone deaf participant. One of the singer contestants was Hwang, who was then a vocal trainer.

Yesterday was indeed a starry night for Hwang and his local fans as he took them on a journey through chapters of his life. Many international fans flew into Singapore as well, with high hopes to catch him on his exclusive one-night concert. It was indeed no disappointment. From close interaction with him at the stalls to personally getting water bottles and towels from the singer himself. Here are the 5 main highlights from his concert.

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1. His flawless usage of mandarin
Well, one reason was that he competed in the fourth season of  I Am A Singer. He began introducing and greeting as much as over 4000 or even more fans present yesterday with simple, basic mandarin. This linguist also got to know the trending catchphrase in Mainland, “吓死宝宝了” which roughly translates to “I got scared” which is commonly used affectionately. 
Half of his act were filled in with mandarin tracks, which were songs that were featured during his time competing for I Am A Singer.

He jokingly revealed that his fans are his Chinese teachers, and vice versa, he’s the Korean teacher for his fans. We didn’t know these fans doubled up as jukeboxes, as we marvelled at their superior Korean linguistics as they sang along to songs even without the music recording with precise pronunciation.

2. He’s the master of fan-service
Fan-service has evolved into something rather ubiquitous in concerts or fan-meets. Hwang, on the other hand, took it to the next level by getting off the stage to the stalls, not once, but twice. This surely shows how close he wanted to be with his fans.

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Hesitation was definitely not his style as he threw out a few towels (yes, the one he used to wipe his sweat) and water bottles to some lucky fans in the crowd. He’s a giveaway king.

3. He pulled off live covers as if the songs were his
Hwang also performed a medley of pop songs towards the end of the show. These were songs he performed before on TV shows such as Radio Star, but the live rendition was unparalleled. The medley gave his image a charismatic twist, with him chucking in bits of ad-lib as he proceeded through the medley.

Oh boy, has he got some moves, who said that vocalists couldn’t dance? Hwang is here to break that stereotype, with refreshing remixes to classics, he performed a live rendition with his own personal touch.

4. He’s a “liar”
During a segment of the video interview, Hwang was seen to be seated with the recently-famous lie detector machine. He answered three questions in succession where he got shocked by electric currents, as he was found to be “lying” (by the machine).

He said that he likes pure girls because when they dress up, they’ll be sexy. That was told to be a lie. When asked about whether fans like him for his voice or his abs, he chose his voice (which was also, unfortunately, a lie).
Of course, we suspected that the fault lies in the machine, not Hwang. He then went on to flex his biceps and gave a peek of his abs to the audience which sent everyone into hysteria, giving their eyes a feast in the meantime too.

5. He’s got  a knack for humour
It is undoubtedly a challenge for foreigners to sing Mandarin songs, but that was not the case for Hwang? Why? It’s because he’s Hwang Chi Yeul, he said.

Just when you thought Hwang was the only one who is humorous, his fans are equally humourous too. “Who came with their boyfriends?”, He asked the audience before giving a word of encouragement to the boys who accompanied their other half to the concert. But, fans pointed to Hwang and said their boyfriend is on the stage, none other than Hwang.

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The approximately 2-hour show consisted of a myriad of musical styles that Hwang had to offer, from ballads to mandopop before he threw the party back to the 80s’. He wrapped up the stage with a short thank-you statement to thank fans that have been with him since his debut. We hope that Hwang will be back in Singapore next year again for another show!

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Words: Amira Syaheera / Avier Tan / Gwendolyn Ng / Karine Tan
Photos: Angelia Advertisement

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