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6 Good Reasons Why Lee Seung-Gi is the Nation’s Boyfriend

SINGAPORE – Last night, Actor Lee Seung Gi took us on a night of fun whilst entertaining fans with reveals of his upcoming drama, stories from his military service days as well as some conditions in order to be his “ideal type”.

PHOTO: Red Spade Entertainment

1. He’s a people person
An approximate of 2000ish local and forgeign Airens went for the fan-meet yesterday, but what was memorable was that he “blanket-hugged” a guy, who merely accompanied his inamorata for the show.

A number of lucky overseas fans were also picked to go on stage with upclose and personal interaction with Lee, like being treated to a cup of coffee, engaging in peculiar but defninitely entertaining challenges like having to eat a lemon while yelling “I Love You, Lee Seung Gi”. Nearing the end of the fan-meet, a fan-made video for Lee was also shown on-screen, which Airens have actually contributed to the society by planting a tree in Hougang Park in the name of this 31 year-old actor.

A video clip also showed his close friends, which included Cha Seung Won, Lee Hong Ki, Lee Sang Yoon, Yook Sung Jae and comedian Yang Se Hyung have also sent their well wishes for his Asia fan-meeting.

PHOTO: Red Spade Entertainment

2. He’s a hardworking person
Lee revealed that he always makes coffee at the set of their filming, since they usually film from the start of the day, kudos to him for effort! He said that before he entered the army, he was slightly on the plump side, it was fortunate that the cuts in the drama helped him look aesthetically perfect, but nowadays he is working out diligently, with no exception even if he’s in a foreign country, which was why he was spotted exercising in Singapore!

PHOTO: Red Spade Entertainment

3. He’s one humorous man
When he was making coffee for the lucky fan, he joked that the coffee maker would only be ready the next day, the next moment he said that it was ready, we shuddered, literally at his unique sense of humour. He said that it was his first time, hugging a fan but yet feeling so uncomfortable and awkward at the same time, because it was a guy in front of him!

4. He’s an ideal type for most, but his ideal type is unique
Airens were told to stand up if they want to be chosen to go up on stage to be Lee’s ideal type, but these stringent conditions must be met: Long hair till shoulders, under 167cm, wears skirts, wears heels, without earrings, with pedicure but no dyed hair, a good dancer and someone who loves exercising. Did you make the cut? One of the fans in the audience definitely did!

PHOTO: Red Spade Entertainment

5. He’s a linguist 
He also greeted Singapore Airens at the start of the fan-meet in flawless English. How could one say that they have visited Singapore if they have not learnt Singlish or our coffee lingo? After saying that his favourite type of coffee was Americano without sugar, the emcee quickly told him that it would be known as “Kopi-O Kosong”.

Actor Lee followed suit and adopted a adorable way of saying it!• One Taiwanese fan was picked on stage for some fan-interaction with Lee, and Lee managed to converse in Japanese with her after knowing that she speaks Japanese.

PHOTO: Red Spade Entertainment

6. He’s an all-rounder
A short VCR was shown during one of his MENT, which showed that he and his platoon mates had to support a inflated raft on their heads, while having their meals, but despite this, Lee, managed to overcome the odds and came out as the Best Soldier. Be it in the military or in the showbiz industry, he is constantly making improvements and is striving to be the best in whatever he does so that he will not disappoint Airens.

Did we forget to mention? He also brought 4 tunes to the audience yesterday, “Because You’re My Woman”, “An Unfinished Story”, “Smile Boy” and ended the fan-meet with a bop accompanying the funky vibes with “Let’s Go On A Vacation”.

PHOTO: Red Spade Entertainment

This event is brought to you by AC Music Entertainment and Red Spade Entertainment. Special thanks to Saffron Communications.

Words: Avier Tan / Abigail Joseph
Photos: Red Spade Entertainment

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