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GFriend impresses fans with astounding solo stages in Hong Kong

HONG KONG – GFriend is back in Hong Kong once again. After their 2017 mini-concert, the girls bring their Season of GFriend concert back to Hong Kong after starting the tour in Seoul, to Taipei, Manila etc.

The girls spent a night of awe and surprise with their fans, here’s why:

Their solo stages were full of vigour and left fans yearning for more.

SinB comes on stage decked in denim trousers and a white top with powerpack dance moves to BoA’s classic performance No.1, giving this 2009 release a fresh makeover. After a charismatic dance break, SinB continued the performance with crisp vocals followed by a high note.

Sexy is the best description for this solo stage. Sowon comes on stage with Sunmi’s Gashina, exhibiting a sense of girl crush, exuding elegance all over. Who knew our cute girls would see such a reversal?

Umji covers IU’s Twenty-three with a funky beat, with light and chic dance moves.

Red and black is Eunha’s concept for the day as she gives Gain’s Bloom a new feel. She definitely rocks the bob hairstyle topped off with a choker.

Yuju, the vocalist of the group once again boasts melodious vocals with Ailee’s Heaven. Slow and steady, she belts out notes in quick succession with her impromptu ad-libs. We can’t ask for more.

Girl, hey you-go-girl. Lee Hyori’s original release, U-Go-Girl was sung by Yerin as she goes retro for her performance, bringing fans for a journey of time travel throwing us back to the 60s.

Of course, they did not forget to bring to fans earworms like Time for the Moon Night and Sunny Summer.

To give the show a local twist, they did not forget to add the cantopop classic, Impatient Person (心急人上) which was specially prepared for their Hong Kong buddies. Fans reciprocated their love as they prepared a special fan-project for them during their performance for Rainbow, raising lightsticks of a myriad of colours to form a rainbow.

This event is brought to you by KKLIVE.

Words: Avier Tan / Joanne Tung
Photos: Joanne Tung

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