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92914 Talks Recent Releases, Future Plans And Upcoming Singapore Gig

They told us that they will be bringing CDs and T-shirts for local fans.

Simple. Soulful. Serene. These words might come to mind when we talk about 92914’s music.

Korean indie duo 92914, consisting of members Kwon Ju-pyeong and Lee Jun-ki, first debuted in January 2017 with their first EP titled “Sunset”.

92914 spoke to SEOULHYPE on their recent works, personal inspirations and more.

Introducing 92914

If you’re thinking why 5 numbers represent this band, here’s why. The duo had different jobs while making music, and music production rekindled at 92914, the address of their studio.

“The place was our identity at that time. It’s nice to have a name where the music started again after a long journey,” they say.

On Their Music

Unlike other Korean musicians, 92914 adopts a unique approach towards music. Simple compositions, English lyrics and repetitive lines gave their masterpieces a unique touch to their creations.

“There is no special reason to write English lyrics. It just came out naturally,” they said. There are songs in the works, but so far more English songs were dished out.

Every musician seems to have a story to tell for each of their songs. So does 92914.

They say every track is a challenge, because they need to start from scratch each time.

“We barely have knowledge of music and sound. If we want certain sound, we have to study and find a way to make that sound every time,” they professed.

Personal Music Playlist, Fans, Plans 

As musicians themselves, one would be curious about their music selections. Some of the musicians on their playlist include Daniel Caesar, Pat Metheny. Joao Gilberto and Michael Jackson.

When we told the duo they have fans internationally, they were sceptical. But we know it’s a fact for sure.

Fans of 92914 will be delighted to hear that the members plan to work on more shows while preparing their album.

We’ll have 92914 in Singapore soon. Lucky fans will get their ears blessed in an evening of good music. 

If you’re up for an evening of goodness, check out our article here to find out how you can listen to great hits “Okinawa” (2018) and “Koh” (2019)!

SEOULHYPE is proud to be the official media partner for 92914 – LIVE IN SINGAPORE, organized by Lion Studios Singapore.

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