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Actor Lee Sang Yoon guests at Louis Vuitton’s Time Capsule Exhibition in Taipei

TAIPEI – We had the honour to welcome veteran actor Lee Sang Yoon for Louis Vuitton’s Time Caspule exhibition that is held at the Louis Vuitton Taipei 101 Flagship Store.

Other local celebrities that have participated in the event include Ella Chen, Rainie Yang, Annie Chen and Danny Liang.

When actor Lee Sang Yoon spoke to the media, he revealed that he felt that he himself got to receive large amount of love from the public because of his 2015 drama “Second 20s” and his recent variety programme “All The Butlers” which sparked much interest as well.

While this visit to Taipei was not the first, said Lee, he told us that he once visited Taiwan with his parents around 5 years ago and he is more than honoured to able to have the chance to participate the brand’s event this time round.

He noted that many fans also rushed to catch a glimpse of him right after they knocked off from work and he thanked them for their sweet efforts.

Lee concluded by also stating that he will be, unfortunately, spending Christmas eve and Christmas itself working but might also head out for good food after filming. Due to the fact that there will be many projects from him next year, this year end wouldn’t guarantee him a holiday.

Just before his departure, he also told fans to stay warm and not to catch a cold this winter season!

Words: Chuang Wei Lun
Photos: Chuang Wei Lun

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