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Angel Bogum visits Hong Kong fans after gap of three years

HONG KONG – The famous actor Park Bogum finally greeted fans at ‘2019 Asia Tour in Hong Kong <Good Day : May your everyday be a good day>’. The venue was filled with not just Hong Kong, but also international fans, which just proves Bogum’s high popularity after acting in the drama ‘Boyfriend’.

He covered DAY6’s ‘I Like You’, then introduced himself in Cantonese, saying ‘Hello, everyone. I am Park Bogum.’ In fact, the last fan meeting of Park Bogum in Hong Kong was held three years ago. When asked about his recent activities, Bogum replied that he was busy for shooting and meeting fans all around the world. Bogum said that one thing on his wishlist recently would be to meet Hong Kong fans and in the bigger picture, he wanted world peace. That’s why his fans always call him ‘Angel Bogum’!

After taking the leading role in drama ‘Boyfriend’, Park Bogum is known to be the ‘Nation’s Boyfriend’, because of his romantic manoeuvres in the drama.

Fans were also invited to the stage and for some fan service with Bogum, which was to act the famous drama scene with them together. Bogum looked like a shy boy, but surprisingly, he was so active and made fans screaming with his contrasting charisma.

Of course, Park Bogum prepared a special stage especially for Hong Kong fans. He sang the Mandarin song ‘The Moon Represents My Heart’, and asked fans to sing with him together. During the collaboration, Bogum was so touched by the loud singing of fans and even cried. This also proved Bogum is sentimental and his great love to fans.

Before saying goodbye, Park Bogum wore the floral hoop and took a group photo with fans. He even said ‘Wish you all the best in the future’ in Cantonese for 3 times at the end, which once again expressed Bogum’s unique charisma. Other than saying ‘I love you’, he would rather wish everyone a bright future. We also hope Park Bogum all the best in the future, and also get good result for his new movie ‘Seobok’.

Words: Joanne Tung
Photos: Joanne Tung

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