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Apink proves their popularity with their third visit to Hong Kong

HONG KONG – K-pop girl group Apink lands in Hong Kong once again, for the third time, as part of their Asia world tour. The sextet met up with the media at the public press conference held at Windsor House, one day before their show.

When asked what was the most memorable part of coming to Hong Kong, Bomi said that it would have to be the joy she gets whenever she is able to have fun with her fans, who are collectively known as Pink Pandas. “I hope that fans will have an enjoyable time at the concert tomorrow as well,” she adds.

Fans also prepared a special gift for Apink from the bottom of their heart, which consisted of balloons and decorated placards, congratulating them for their 8th year of debut. Fans thought that the group has come a long way since 2011, and remain hopeful that there will be more years ahead of them. Members were also spotted to engage in small talk with fans, which is a rare sight in the industry.

Bomi then asked fans to recommend some local delights so that the group could try, with a tinge of aegyo (an expression for cuteness in Korean). Just to name a few, beef tripe rice noodles and egg waffles were a few of those fans recommended. To end if off, leader Chorong then concluded by saying that she is very thankful for the surprise gift and the group will work even harder to bring an enjoyable performance for their fans.

This event is brought to you by SMILES Production Ltd.

Written By: Avier Tan
Photos: Kola Ng

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