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Blackpink drops first ever full-length album “The Album” with title number “Lovesick Girls”

Their inaugural album “The Album” contains eight tracks, with the title number “Lovesick Girls”.

It’s official. Blackpink, who debuted in 2016, is finally serving up their first ever full-length album after four years. The long-awaited record, “The Album” dropped earlier this afternoon.

This may come as a surprise to many as the quartet have already hit the stage of Coachella last year, made appearances on television programmes such as The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, to name a few.

The immense popularity of the girls might be one of the reasons why fans are so hyped for this album release. But the girls themselves have also been constantly engaging their fans till D-day.

In August, they teased the release of their inaugural full-length album with a pre-release single fit for the summer “Ice Cream”, featuring pop icon Selena Gomez.

But Blackpink’s collaborations with stateside artists don’t stop there. They worked on “Kiss and Make Up” with Dua Lipa back in 2018 and collaborated with Lady Gaga for “Sour Candy” earlier this year.

In fact, Cardi B also made a feature on the fourth track in the album, titled “Bet You Wanna”.

The album, which contains eight songs in total, also include “How You Like That”, “Crazy Over You” and their title number “Lovesick Girls”.

“Lovesick Girls is the story of everyone – all of us”, said vocalist Jisoo at the online press conference held earlier. That’s why fans can relate to the song well.

The girls want fans to think of the song as a story that repeats in our lives, and not a sad narrative. “It’s a song that carries a positive message that tells everyone to have hope”.

The three-minute track tells the story of girls who are, well, lovesick. They present a romance dilemma to listeners –expressing their resignation in relationships, giving in to the fact that they were born to be alone yet still searching for love.

The quartet acknowledges the fact that it was indeed a long wait for the release of their full album and in a bid to give back to fans, the members have “put our heart and soul into the album”, leader Jennie told the media.

Watch the music video of “Lovesick Girls” below:

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