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Blackpink’s Jennie goes “SOLO” in new MV

Following her first performance of her song “SOLO” during BLACKPINK’s concert on Sunday, 11 November, BLACKPINK’s Jennie made her “SOLO” debut on 12th November 2018. Shortly after the release of her MV and single, her song “SOLO” was #1 across all real-time charts on the music charts in Korea.

The song shows Jennie’s versatility in being both a vocalist and a rapper. “SOLO” is a hiphop/rap song written and co-composed by TEDDY who is a well-known producer from YG Entertainment, the same label as BLACKPINK.

In the music video, it shows both of Jennie’s innocent, sweet and delicate side and at the same time, her strong, charismatic independent image. The music video starts with Jennie showcasing her mellow but strong vocals singing “Innocent and delicate, I’m tired of pretending” and transitioning to a very empowering anthem for singles and those that have just gotten through a heartbreak for her pre-chorus as the phrases such as “This is not a touching love story”, “I’m sorry but I’m not sorry” and “I’m a shining solo” were sung.

Jennie shows us her alluring and sleek dance moves in the chorus and breaking into a rap expressing how she has gotten over with the heartbreak and has decided to put all her time and energy for herself.

The music video ends off with Jennie seen with angel wings, expressing that she is now free to do whatever and announcing “I’m a shining solo” among a troupe of female dancers. The “Solo” music video has well over 15 million views after a day of it being released which is astounding for a solo debut.

Don’t miss out on this amazing “SOLO” debut by BLACKPINK’s Jennie:

Words: Amira Syaheera
Photos: YG Entertainment

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