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Bol4 serenaded fans in the Hong Kong stop of “Blossom” tour

HONG KONG – Bol4, short for Bolbbalgan4 is a female duo comprising Ahn Ji-young and Woo Ji-yoon, who are widely known for their soothing vocals and indie pop music.

The female duo visited Hong Kong for their concert <2019 BOL4 ASIA TOUR <BLOSSOM> IN HONG KONG> at Star Hall@KITEC last Saturday (15 June).

Right at the beginning, Bolbbalgan4 sang their newest release “Picnic” then they sang “Tell Me You Love Me” to make fans feel intoxicated with their vocals, Ahn Ji-young also approached the edge of the stage to make a close contact with the fans.

When Bolbbalgan4 came to Hong Kong last time, they spoke to fans in  Cantonese. This time was no different as they used Cantonese to greet with their lovely LOBOLY (Bol4’s fandom name). Bolbbalgan4 also said that though they did visit Hong Kong last year but still missed their fans a lot!

Bolbbalgan4 said that they had a lot of new songs this year, so in addition to the songs sung in the last concert, this concert will feature new songs released this year for their fans in Hong Kong. Bolbbalgan4 served up live renditions of “Freesia“, “Fight Day” and “Ring“, bringing fans back to their first debut.

After the concert in Hong Kong, Bolbbalgan4 will host their concert at TICC in July. Let us look forward to their performances in Taiwan!

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