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BTS drops fifth Korean studio album “BE”, urges all that life goes on

In spite of the global adversity, BTS urges all to believe that “life goes on”.

Positivity has been the nub of BTS’ activities since their debut. The septet made a statement at the UN General Assembly in hopes to encourage people to “speak themselves”, and recently donated $1 million to a charitable cause to support live entertainment personnel affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

But in spite of the global adversity, the septet continues to hold on tight to their mantra. 

Evident from the the track title, BTS aims to be a source of comfort, while conveying a heartwarming message declaring that “Even in the face of this new normality, our life goes on”, according to a press release.

They dropped their fifth Korea language studio album, “BE” with the music video of their title hit “Life Goes On” this afternoon.

“Life Goes On” is an alternative hip-hop ballad which lyrics reflect their hopeful desire that someday, things will get better. A stark contrast to their previous release, an upbeat bop with a mixture of bubblegum pop, “Dynamite“.

Directed by the band’s main vocalist Jungkook, fans can score a glimpse into BTS’ daily routines, and how they spent their time together as a septet in the music video.

From snuggling together while watching television to performing this very song in what seems like an empty arena brought across in a monochromatic fashion.

But Jungkook was not the only one who participated in the creative process of the album. Jimin doubles up as the music project manager, while members V, J-Hope and RM take on the role of visual project managers.

The music video has since garnered more than 20 million views and fans have no intention to halt looping the track.

Watch the music video of Life Goes On below:

Listen to BTS’ Life Goes On on Spotify and KKBOX.

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