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BTS recollects good memories with ARMYs in new documentary movie Burn The Stage

Maybe it’s deemed appropriate to say you might not be up with the current trend if you haven’t heard of the name “BTS” at all. BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a septet formed by Big Hit Entertainment. Later, the BTS acronym also came to surface as “Beyond The Scene” and recently used again as “Burn The Stage” for their fresh-from-the-oven documentary movie. Warning! If you do not want spoilers or sneak peeks of the movie, we advise you not to continue reading!

Burn The Stage finally came to town on 15 November. To quote numbers to get a sense of popularity of the boys and the movie alike, the pre-sales of the movie itself has already garnered about 1 million ticketsworldwide, according to the distributor Trafalgar Releasing.

The approximately 80 minute documentary film includes never-seen-before footages of the boys backstage and when they are not on screen. Part of the movie shows exclusive footages of the group’s world tour back in 2017 (BTS Live Trilogy Episode III Wings Tour), as well as behind-the-scenes clips and one on one interviews with the 7 members. Certainly an emotional movie,it left the audience giggling or tearing up when scenes of the boys were shown as they performed proudly on stage, feeling the stage and most importantly, owning the stage.

It is nevertheless still astounding how the group has grown so massive in the past years, which includes them receiving awards from AMAs (American Music Awards) 2 years in a row and taking in lots of love from fans worldwide. However, their success is justified with the amount of hard work they have put in, and their small efforts to change the world bit by bit which harvests great effects. The movie Burn The Stage is suppose to thank the fans for their immense support and devotion throughout the years in return, the mutual connection between BTS and the ARMYs keeps getting stronger by time. 

It was also noted that many footages of ARMYS singing along in concerts and cheering loudly together in the movie were added. This movie is definitely a must watch if you are a fan of their music or even the group. Time to grab your tickets online here while it’s still screening, limited time only! 

Words: Karine Tan
Photos: Trafalgar Releasing / 2017 AMAs

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