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Cha Seung Won gives Taiwan a quick visit, guesting on De Beers’ event

TAIPEI – Actor Cha Seung Won dropped by for a fan meeting in Taipei last October. After a half-year gap, he is finally in Taiwan for an event for jewellery company, De Beers.

He came in chic with a black suit, accessorized with a diamond brooch worth 17.8 million dollars.

It was revealed that Cha Seung Won got to taste “sea-salt coffee” at his hotel, which he described its taste as unique and special.

His recent appearance on the variety show “Korean Hostel in Spain” also garnered some attention for the actor, attracting quite a huge crowd with those who wanted a glimpse of him.

Cha Seung Won‘s brooch is originates from the Egyptian god of Sun, Ra, which is fusion of both yellow and white diamond. As the actor will be heading back to Korea right after the event, he told fans that he did not have much time to enjoy the food, and even attracted shouts from fans, and took a memorable shot before his departure.

Words: Avier Tan
Photos: Chang Weilun

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