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Choi Jinhyuk reflects recent drama “The Last Empress” during press conference in Taipei

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Actor Choi Jinhyuk met up with the press prior to his fan-meet in Taiwan to meet local fans and engage in interactive activities with them.

Filming for his drama “The Last Empress” that clinched the SBS Drama Award for Top Excellence in Acting – Wednesday–Thursday Drama, recently ended and Choi Jinhyuk disclosed that while it was exhausting and physically challenging that he loss weight, it was also a rewarding experience. He thanked Taiwan fans who sent food trucks and support to their filming location as well.

The 33 year-old actor got a belated birthday celebration as well.

When asked about his favourite type of outfit to wear everyday no matter whether it is for his schedules or during personal time, he said that it will be athletic wear. “Suits are usually worn (in my opinion) during weddings or funerals, says Choi Jinhyuk. In spite of this, he was the one who was voted as the male celebrity who can carry the suit-look the best.

Words: Avier Tan / Chuang Weilun
Photos: Chuang Weilun

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