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Concert Review: Friday night made memorable with Sam Kim

SINGAPORE – This marks the second visit to our sunny island for the soloist Sam Kim as he played with a full band for his Sun and Moon tour at Zouk Singapore as part of Cross-over, a music project initiative by Cross Ratio Entertainment on Friday (26 July).

The Korean-American singer-songwriter started right off the bat with Sun and Moon (2018), a song part of his latest ep, the one with the same title as the name of his tour. This continued with another crowd favourite, It’s you (2018).

Sam Kim thanked fans for spending their Friday night with him and also those who flew in from Indonesia, Malaysia and even as far as Korea! The full band that came with him was introduced to fans as they cheered for them. 

Other crowd favourites that were performed were Think about Chu (2017) and Make Up (2018). Sam even performed a small snippet of Seattle (2016) after the crowd request him to play that song but it wasn’t part of the setlist. He even did a short cover of his favourite song, Englishman in New York by Sting, a cover he did during his Kpop Star 3 stint. 

The crowd mellowed down as he brought it down a notch with slower songs such as Sunny Days Summer Nights (2018) and Your Song (2016), where he said that he wrote for those that are in need of support, are sad or are just in need of kind words. The crowd was swooned by his words. 

He ended off his concert with No Sense (2016) and Would You Believe (2018) as his final song for the encore as the whole crowd were jumping on their feet, all hyped up.

Indeed, this is the best way to end the work week by dancing along to unforgettable tunes sung by Sam Kim. 

Photos Courtesy of Cross Ratio Entertainment

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