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Concert Review: Indie rock singer The Black Skirts held intimate show in Singapore

SINGAPORE – A rare sight to behold: people coming in straight from work, business office attires seen mixed in the sea of a casual attire crowd, awaiting The Black Skirts to start their set on a Thursday night at The Pavillion.

The crowd was a mix of music-lovers from all walks of life, office workers and students, taking a break from the hectic week by chilling out to the South Korea based indie-rock singer-songwriter Jo Hyu-il, better known as The Black Skirts.

The Black Skirts show in Singapore was indeed an intimate one casual conversations between the singer and the crowd. The 37 year-old singer asked what fans would be doing after the show and even spilled to the audience that his first girlfriend from high school was a Singaporean and they were still friends till now.

After releasing his much acclaimed 4th full-length album, Thirsty, the singer-songwriter was seen performing half of the songs that came from the album. The concert started off with tracks like Put me on drugs and the other familiar tunes like Sangsu station and Hawaiian black sand.

Each of his songs was interestingly composed, no doubt. From the use of an effects pedal live for a portion of the vocals of the song to the soulful keyboard solo, it was an interesting live version of Hawaiian Black Sand compared to the studio version of it.

Who knew? The Black Skirts decided to surprise fans by performing Till the end of time, an OST for the drama Another Miss Oh, they rarely performed live but did a one-time-only in the Singapore leg of their tour. The song was definitely a throwback for the fans.

Speaking of throwbacks, the encore performance consisted of songs from their first ever record, 201, released almost 10 years ago like Want your love and Puppy.

All in all, the intimate Black Skirts’ show was an unforgettable one. Hopefully, they’ll come back to Singapore with more songs! And like what was being said throughout the concert, “I love you lah” Black Skirts!

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