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Crush appears at his Hong Kong press conference looking chic

HONG KONG – Shin Hyo-seob, more commonly known by his stage name Crush, have came back to Hong Kong for a showcase this time around. It has been more than a year since he came to Hong Kong for his appearance on the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards. 

As part of his first Asian tour showcase, he will be visiting various countries in Asia, including Taiwan, Bangkok and now, Hong Kong as well. This 26-year-old singer is said to spice things up this summer with his husky vocals.
He has many representative tracks such as: Beautiful (Goblin OST), Hey Baby and Don’t Forget (ft. Taeyeon). However, he revealed during the press conference that he will be dropping another new album into the collection on 13 July, so stay tuned to it and don’t miss that out!

In fact, this R&B singer showed many different sides of him, from hanging out and drinking with his good friend, Block B’s Zico to walking his dog near the Hangang river as a form of destress and relaxation. He added that the basis of music-making lies in the passion during production of his songs and he strives his best to make more music that can touch and move his listeners.

This event is brought to you by ELF Asia.

Words: Avier Tan / Joanne Tung
Photos: Joanne Tung

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