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Don’t mess up with EXO in their new “Tempo” music video

It’s been a long EXO drought for EXO-Ls as they have been anticipating for more than a year for EXO’s 5th full-length album titled “Don’t Mess up my Tempo”. Astoundingly having 1 million pre-orders even before the release of the album today! The album includes the title track, “Tempo”, following another 9 tracks which feature each distinctive member “powers” and also the Chinese version of “Tempo”. 

The music video shows EXO’s energetic dance moves along with a very fresh and addictive chorus. In case you didn’t know, EXO also means outside in greek and thus from their debut, EXO has gone for the concept of planets and the solar system in general, which is the stem for their album names and concert tours thus far. This time, they embark on a new concept of a biker’s race circuits, which is a refreshing change that accentuates their masculinity too.

The 4-minute music video was an interesting one. We reckon that viewers will also be conflicted whether to focus on the song itself, or the stunning visuals. The boys were decked in outfits of luxurious brands, but keep your eyes peeled because Kai’s outfit was particularly eye-catching.

Nearing the bridge, we can also get a good listen of Kai’s solo as he plays the high keys on a piano. Chic, this is. This is accompanied by harmonising bass sounds that were produced by the different members.

Alas, we can see all the members suited up in their biker helmets and driving off the set of the music video.

EXO surely doesn’t fail to break records even after releasing a song that comes from a different genre for every comeback. Check out the music video as they pull us in with their boyish charms.

Words: Amira Syaheera / Avier Tan
Photos: SM Entertainment

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