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Drama Review: Alchemy of Souls boasts solid premise with shaky ending

Its second instalment fell short of expectations, but it still broke viewership ratings.

Photo: Netflix

It’s goodbye to the country of Daeho, a fictitious state where the plot for K-pop drama Alchemy of Souls unfolded. 

The ten-part series recently concluded its run for its second instalment, Light and Shadow, last Monday (8 Jan).

It was penned by the famous Hong sisters (Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran). The duo is also behind drama serials like Master’s Sun (2013) and A Korean Odyssey (2017).

There is no wonder why the series ended on its personal highest average nationwide rating of 9.7%. 

Its first instalment introduced viewers to the concept of alchemy of souls, where souls can be shifted with a forbidden spell, which aptly explains its title.

The second season picked up from where it left off in the last, three years after Naksu’s (Go Yoon-jung) presumed death. 

Like the first season, it is loaded with unexpected plot twists coupled with action scenes to keep viewers at the edge of their seats.

While most of the cast in the series remained, there is one apparent cast change that raised eyebrows for many.

The female protagonist, Naksu, was played by Jung So-min in the first season, before Go Youn-jung took over thereafter. Despite the initial confusion, it’s a witty move to keep the plot going.

Photo: Netflix

But that might be the only one in the series. 

It’s a pity that the second season didn’t live up to what season one laid the groundwork for. 

It seemed as though Alchemy of Souls was only extended for a second season for the sake of it. And the convoluted plot fell short this time round.

Much was introduced in its first season, including the country of Daeho. 

When expectations are set high prior, it’s hard to say that the second instalment could match up to its previous one.

Without a doubt though, the premise of the story is strong, and captivating. And that itself allowed room for the plot to grow even in the second season.

The abstract concept could be hard to digest initially. But it’s not difficult to dive into the magical world of Daeho once you start the series.

From the scenic landscapes and sets to the costumes, the stunning visuals will have your eyes glued to the screen.

Photo: Netflix

Yet with such an elaborate story world and diverse variety of characters to unravel, the ending might feel sudden, leaving fans yearning for more. 

Even so, this fantasy blockbuster offers something unique for drama lovers.

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