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Dynamic Duo serves hip hop fun with ad-lib humour

It’s been a long time since the duo came to a club, but they still got a way with the crowd.

Photo: Nayana Productions

SINGAPORE – Dynamic Duo is in Singapore for a one-night-only show. And they chose to play it at Drip, one of Singapore’s biggest and trendiest underground nightclubs.

“It’s been a long time since we came to a club,” the duo confesses. 

Afterall, rapper Gaeko, 41, is now married and a father of two. They might have been well past their prime to go clubbing with their peers. 

Standing on an elevated platform furnished with DJ controllers, the seasoned veterans still got a way with the Gen-Z crowd.

For local teacher Han Soo-min, 29, it’s her first time attending a concert in a club after coming to Singapore for over a year. And “it’s so much fun,” the Busan native says.

Dynamic Duo have established their presence in the hip-hop circle for 19 years since 2003. “They were really popular when I was in elementary school and I have liked them since,” she adds.

“It’s my first time seeing them live in person, and they’re really good,” says fellow showgoer Syahirah, 25, a data analyst. She has known the duo for about ten years, since her secondary school days.

Their 19 years of experience in the industry might explain their flair for showmanship.

“It is truly a blessing and rewarding experience to be able to have this opportunity to perform alongside them,” Shawn Hung, 34, a DJ, tells SeoulHype.

Hung, who goes by the pseudonym DJ Brizzy, was the opening act that night. Having previously played some of their songs on his own shows, “it is amazing to be able to hear them live,” he says.

Later into the show, rapper Choiza spits out rap verses in quick succession like bullets firing from a machine gun. At the next instant, he cracks an impromptu joke with a fan who was snapping photos of him.

“You think I’m handsome?”, he asks expectantly before the fan nods. “It must be because of the dim lighting here,” he jokes.

His music partner Gaeko, shares a similar sense of brutal honesty when it comes to talking about themselves.

“We are not idols,” he says to the crowd. Most of them were pointing their smartphone cameras at the duo. “When you guys go home later, you [will] probably just delete them,” he jokes in Korean.

A sizable portion of the crowd were Koreans. So the duo spoke in their native language throughout, despite having a translator beside them. “Are you ready to party?”, they ask. A wave of deafening screams fill the air.

In the hour-long set, the duo performed a live rendition of their latest single She Gonna Stop (2022), while giving fans a quick tutorial on how to party it out with them. 

They also delivered several other fan favourites like Guilty (2009), Johnny (2012) and MSG (2019).

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