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Exclusive: P1Harmony talks musical inspiration, role model and shares words of advice to trainees

In an exclusive interview with SEOULHYPE, the six charismatic lads talk about their musical inspiration, role models and more.

K-pop idols who just made their debut would promote their album on music shows, then partake in radio interviews and fan-meetings. Here, we’re talking about a pre-COVID age where such activities were largely ubiquitous.

However, FNC Entertainment’s newest boy group P1Harmony, made up of KEEHO, THEO, JIUNG, INTAK, SOUL, and JONGSEOB, decided to take things up a notch. Prior to their debut, they have released a movie introducing the members with a plot where the group comes to Earth with hopes of saving the planet from an epidemic.

If anything, it’s clear that this pilot strategy worked for the charismatic lads, as their first music video had amassed more than 10 million views. A formidable feat for rookies.

While the six lads appear oozing with charisma on screen, and “a lot of people told us that we look fierce and strong, but we are all just softies,” says THEO.

SEOULHYPE scored an exclusive interview with P1Harmony to find out more about their debut movie, their musical inspirations and some words of advice they have for soon-to-debut trainees.

For your Singapore fans who have not watched your debut movie “P1H: A New World Begins”, tell us more about it.
THEO: The movie represents P1Harmony’s worldview. The drones symbolize irrationality of the world. And it explains our group’s worldview that the heroes who will break all the irrationality appeared.

You are the first idol group to have a movie released together with your debut. How was that experience like for you?
KEEHO: It was such an amazing experience. Conveying the message of our first album in different ways, not only music but also movie, was fabulous.

In the movie “P1H: A New World Begins”, members take on individual superpowers. What is another superpower you would like to have, and why?
JIUNG: I would like to fly. I love traveling and I want to fly around as well. Super power to fly will satisfy both wishes.
INTAK: I would like to run exceptionally fast. I wish to run fast wherever I want to go.

What is the main message you would like to convey through your album?
INTAK: I would like to express our belief and courage to break the frame and disharmony of the world. 

What is one distinct feature you have that makes P1Harmony stand out from the rest?
THEO: We are all very unique and each of us has distinct characteristics. We all have our very own worlds. We are powerful and there is no one who gets so nervous. Rather than being nervous, we are a group who is ready to burn the stage powerfully. We are more than ready!

With an average age of 17.1 years old, did you face challenges having debuted at such a young age? What are some words of advice for younger trainees who are about to debut?
KEEHO: I think there were no challenges regarding young age. Age is a different story from talent and hard work. I believe that age did not become my strength or weakness at all. I believe that I am not someone who could give advice since I am also just learning but if there was a word that I could give, it would be ‘It will work if you put your best into it’.

You’ve mentioned that you want to build on the solid foundation that senior artists have built. Who are these artists that you look up to?
INTAK: I personally respect and look up to Michael Jackson and I’m currently learning from all of the artists by watching their performances.

Have you been to Singapore? Tell us about your impression of Singapore.
SOUL: I have been to Singapore! I’ve visited Sentosa and I’ve eaten delicious food and visited Universal Studio for the first time. It was so much fun.

Though P1Harmony made their debut in the midst of a pandemic, leader KEEHO reveals that “the challenging part was that we could not perform in front of our fans”. The group was also dejected as they could not meet fans face to face.

Well, it’s only a matter of time for fans to meet them personally and witness their talent for themselves.

This interview was made possible by MAXPERIENCE (MPE).

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