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Exploring H&M X Moschino’s new collection with NCT’s Lucas

SINGAPORE – The NCT fans, also known as NCTzens, were caught by surprise when news of member Lucas Wong from NCT was announced to be the special guest for the H&M x Moschino private event held at 5 Kadayanallur Street to show a preview of the highly-raved H&M x Moschino collection that was going to be released in stores this 8th of November.

Although the event was private, H&M had set up a special fan zone right outside the building where the event was held for fans that wanted to see a glimpse of Lucas. Even hours before he arrived, fans began gathering at the designated area with their fan slogans and fan lightstick to enthusiastically welcome Lucas when he arrives as it was his first ever event in Singapore and amazingly, a solo one! 

It was around half past seven when two black vehicles arrived; one obviously had Lucas in it as fans started to cheer loudly and excitedly as the vehicle came to a stop outside the entrance of the building and out came Lucas. He looked so thankful to see his fans out there welcoming him as he faced them and greeted the fans before entering the building for the H&M x Moschino launch.

Lucas is no stranger to the world of fashion as he recently just debuted as a model for the Seoul Fashion Week not long ago before coming to Singapore for the event. As he ventured into the building, the guests that were in there were starstruck by the 19-year old’s astounding height and his ever-flowing boyish charms while he charismatically walked around, touring the building, looking at the collections. Lucas surely showed us that he was indeed a natural at events like this although he was the only NCT member present

Although the time he spent at the event and his visit to Singapore was rather short, we could tell that Lucas really enjoyed his first time over in this Sunny Island of Singapore. We hope that he could return to Singapore soon along with the other NCT members for a concert! 

In case you want to relive the moment of Lucas gracing the shores of Singapore, here is a quick video of the busy but memorable day he had in Singapore.

This event is brought to you by H&M Singapore and Moschino Singapore.

Words: Amira Syaheera
Photos: H&M Singapore / Moschino Singapore

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