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Fans Concerned Over Taeyeon’s Outcry On Social Media

You can write your own #LoveNotesForTaeyeon too.

Girls’ Generation’s main vocalist Taeyeon shared an Instagram story on her official handle yesterday.

The photo contained a one-liner stating, “please give me strength”, when translated to English.

Shortly after, Fans have promptly caught on to her outcry and began trending #LoveNotesForTaeyeon on Twitter.

Her fans have since filled social media platform Twitter with positive messages and notes, in hopes of encouraging the 30-year-old singer.

It was also announced last June that Taeyeon is currently suffering from depression, but she says that focusing on treatment will be her aim this year.

She told fans, “I try my best to think of good memories because it’s so hard and harsh to think back on bad memories,” which could be a possible reference to the passing of her two close pals: Sulli and Jong-hyun. 

Things have taken a turn for the better as she told fans that she “is gaining strength”, from their words of encouragement in another Instagram story that followed.

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