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Fans Have A Crazy Night Out With Day6 In Singapore

To sum up DAY6’s show in Singapore: Crazy. Energetic. Fun.

“Honestly Singapore, today could not have been more beautiful, more perfect, more energetic.. You guys were crazy today and I appreciate it so much,” said lead guitarist Jae of Day6.

MyDays, the official name of the fandom, had complied. At the start of the show, the rockers made a request to the fans — release your stress, jump and go crazy.

That’s just what MyDays did last Saturday at the Star Theatre. The enthusiastic fans let their hair down and had fun.

After almost three years since their last visit here, the members were finally reunited with MyDays.

The energetic lads — Dowoon, Jae, Sungjin, Wonpil and Young K — were stoked to be back in Singapore. So excited, they revealed that they arrived two days before the show.

Though this is the quintet’s 3rd time in Singapore, it marks their first-ever concert held here as they make a return with newer songs from their 5th mini-album, “The Book of Us: Gravity”. They also performed fan favourites, such as ‘Shoot me’, ‘I Need Somebody’ and ‘Congratulations’.

The group performed every song from the album ‘The Book of Us: Gravity’, including ‘Best Part’ and ‘Time of Our Life’ Bassist Young K took time to share his personal favourites on the album, ‘For Me’ and ‘Wanna go back’.

Time of Our Life’ holds a special meaning for both Day6 and MyDays. The track gave Day6 their first music show win, four years after their debut in 2015. It also made it to the music charts in over 11 cities.

Each member had their time to shine in their individual instrumental segments.

Between ‘So Cool’ and ‘Out of My Mind’, Dowoon and Young K went first. I couldn’t take my eyes off Young K whose fingers effortlessly glided over the fretboard of his bass.

Sungjin’s solo came next between ‘How to Love’ and ‘For Me’. Rhythm courses in the blood of the musician. He grooved along to the beats during his guitar solo.

Wonpil’s solo came right after a heart-thumping EDM take on hit songs Shape of You, Treasure and Get Lucky. His nimble hands ran up and down the keyboard, sometimes even playing with just his right hand.

Finally, Jae’s guitar solo appeared as a seamless transition between ‘Headache’ and ‘WARNING!’. The lad’s palpable passion could be felt by the crowd as he performed.

The newer tracks got their airtime at the concert, but the quintet didn’t forget to play their earlier songs such as ‘Colors’, ‘Blood’, ‘I Wait’.

When the Day6 gave their fans their time in the spotlight, MyDays did not disappoint.

The fans’ energy never dipped from the get-go. They stood up and hollered fan chants at the top of their lungs. The screams were so deafening that my hearing was partially gone for a bit after the show ended.

The fans sang along to every song performed. There was a touching moment when the band played the instrumental version of ‘Time of Our lives’ and ‘I’m Serious’. The fans knew the Korean lyrics by heart and belted out the song in unison

Loyal fans would know what it means when the music for ‘Freely’ comes on. The band has been using the song, from their first mini-album, to mark the end of their shows.

Fans are already counting down the days to Day6’s next live show.

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