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Fans touched Ha Sung-woon by celebrating his birthday in Taiwan fan-meet

TAIPEI – Now a member of HOTSHOT, Ha Sung-woon was once from the now-defunct boy-group that once swept the industry by storm, WANNA ONE. He reached Taipei on 22 March (Friday) and held his very own first fan-meet “My Moment” with fans right here in Taiwan at the International Convention Centre on 23 March (Saturday).

As obvious as it might have already been, Ha Sung-woon wishes to spend “his moment” with all of his fans and thus set his whole performance stage with this aim in mind. He not only sang tunes for them, but also engaged in interactive sessions and also other activities.

His birthday is on the 22 March, and while fans obviously knew about that, they kept low-key about it to give their idol a surprise celebration for his 26th birthday (in Korean age). They made videos in commemoration of this special occasion. “I’m at the verge of tears”, added the 25-turning-26 year old singer.

He brought back some tunes for fans though, seemingly as a gesture to thank all of them for their efforts and love. He dished up a series of songs like Don’t Forget, BIRD, Tell Me I Love You, Remember You, Lonely Night and more.

At the second half of the event, one of the concert staff also rolled out a cake which is a cartoon version of him. He could not resist to take a bite once he caught sight of it. Of course, he took a group picture with the fans along with the cake beside him.

It was also revealed that he would be going to a hot pot restaurant to get a good dinner after his fan-meet. Hilarious enough, fans were also thinking of which restaurant to head too right after.

Did you enjoy the fan-meet as much as they did?

Words: Chuang Wei Lun
Photos: Chuang Wei Lun

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