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Fans Want A Sexy Jin-hyuk In His Second Album

Fans of Lee Jin-hyuk can keep their eyes peeled.

The one-tenth of South Korean boy group UP10TION recently got another shot at stardom with reality programme “Produce X 101”. Though he finished 11th, he did not get the chance to debut as X1.

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But that’s okay. He went on to drop his first-ever solo album titled “S.O.L” in November. Shortly after saw the commencement of his first Asian fan-meeting.

He held his 1st SOLO <S.O.L> Fan-meeting in Macau last Saturday (21 Dec) at Broadway Macau.

Call him a generous lad. He treats fans well, and prepared benefits for them. Packing his tracks and dance sets like sardines during the show, there was something all the fans were looking forward to.

That is, his recent track, titled “I Like That”. Chances are, even if you’re not a fan, you’ll fall in love with the track.

Maybe it’s his experience onstage previously, that he has no fear of audiences now. The track is not an easy one to execute. But in terms of vocals, choreography and even onstage ad-libs; he nailed it.

I have to say, the duality of the 23 year-old lad is real.

A moment on stage he was exuding charisma, the next he was carrying out a bingo session.  Doing rope skipping and other antics.

“I’ve collated many ideas and put them in my first album,” Lee says when asked about it. 

He went on to ask fans what content should go into the second album. And as if pre-rehearsed, the fans all went with a sexy concept.

So, what do you think Lee will come back with?

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