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Fans went all out, gifted Lovelyz roses at their Hong Kong press conference

HONG KONG – Sweet and “lovely” Korean girl octet Lovelyz arrived in Hong Kong yesterday (23 March) after their Singapore concert held last week. All 8 of them showed up at Windsor House to present the press conference for ‘Lovelyz Concert in Hong Kong — Lovelyz 3 of Winter World’, which was held one day ahead of their concert. The press conference of Lovelyz attracted crowds of media and fans to arrive at the venue.

In fact, this is the group’s second visit to Hong Kong following the last in June 2018 during which they promised that they would meet Hong Kong fans again soon. After waiting for 9 months, the members stook to their promise and came to Hong Kong to hold their concert again. The concept for this concert is winter world, which symbolized that Lovelyz would heal Hong Kong Lovelinus (Lovelyz’s fans) with their warm voices in the winter.

Lovelinus were seen with their slogans and LED boards to the venue, and they went the extra mile in hopes of capturing the members attention. At the press conference, Lovelinus were also chosen to meet Lovelyz on the stage personally. The lucky Lovelinus were also give chances to cover Lovelyz’s new song released last November ‘Lost N Found’ and intimate the ‘queen of pose’ Mijoo with quirky poses, fans went all out anyways.

When Lovelyz arrived the venue, Lovelinus all welcomed them by screaming loud and putting up their slogans high. Lovelyz mentioned that they were all very excited about the concert and thanked for Hong Kong fans’s support. They even said that Hong Kong fans always made them feel like they were superstars, which revealed their great love to Hong Kong Lovelinus.

When asked the spoiler for the concert, Lovelyz said that it was a secret and they would like fans to watch their performance in person. Finally, Lovelyz took a group photo with all Lovelinus there to thank for their support, which ended the press conference on a good note. We hope that Lovelyz will hold a good show!

Words: Joanne Tung
Photos: Joanne Tung

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1 Comment

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