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From girl to woman: Jennie conquers the world SOLO

With Blackpink’s debut last August 2016, they skyrocketed to being one of the largest and well-known girl group of our time. Through slow but successful releases of songs, they kept their place in the top of their game.

Jennie, Jisoo, Rose, and Lisa are all talented members of Blackpink and they will surely have their own time to shine. But the spotlight is now on Jennie as she just released her 1st solo single. She had made her name known to the industry way before her debut as she was featured in songs by labelmate powerhouses like Lee Hi, Seungri, and G- Dragon. Jennie Kim recently released her solo song, entitled “SOLO” which topped Korean music charts. Just further proving her group’s popularity.

We are used to seeing Jennie as the cute yet chic member of Blackpink. But through her new song, she was able to shed her image and perfectly transform from a girl into a lady. Jennie showcases both her vocals and rap skills in the entire song! She is really harvesting her hard-earned skills through years of training. Her dancing in the performance was simple yet elegantly executed. She really is born to be on stage. We all can’t wait to see what else Jennie has in store for us!

Recently, she has also released an exclusive live video of her performing the new track “SOLO” during the group’s [IN YOUR AREA] concert in Seoul, is she going to be performing the song Watch it below:

Words: Sy Maylene
Photos: Respective Sources

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