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Get To Know WayV: 6 Questions with the China-based NCT unit

The boys are also teasing the release of an album very soon.

The Chinese arm of the SM Entertainment mega-group NCT was originally termed NCT China in August 2018. The boys were later renamed as WayV in December.

While all of them are collectively represented by the umbrella term NCT, slight nuances are evident in promotional methods compared to the other three South Korean groups, NCT 127, NCT U and NCT Dream.

For WayV, their full Chinese member line-up, with the exception of Thai member Ten, would signal a natural slant towards the East Asian market, particularly in China.

Making an appearance on the Zhejiang Television 2020 New Year Countdown show, bagging the Best New Asian Artist award at the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in a short span of about a year after their debut, is no small deed.

The boys have won themselves a collaboration deal with lifestyle brand Skechers for their newest Energy collection.

The brand also held an exclusive Q&A session with WayV, digging deeper into these members to find out lesser-known facts, their take on Singapore and future plans.

Q1. WayV’s image on stage is bright, energetic and lively. How is the group like when you’re off-stage?
A1. When we’re on stage, we will showcase the cooler, more impressive side of ourselves through our performances. Off-stage, the group is also full of energy, as it’s always very loud and fun when all seven of us are together, so we’re happy. 

Q2. Considering that WayV consists of members who come from different hometowns and cultural backgrounds, in what languages do the members usually communicate?
A2. We usually use Mandarin the most. Sometimes, Lucas, Xiao Jun and HENDERY will speak in Cantonese to each other, and Ten, Yang Yang and Hendery will use English too.

When all seven of us are together, someone might use a few different languages in the same sentence, which is fun and very special.

Q3. Who is the most energetic member in the group? How does he liven up the mood?
A3. Actually, all seven of us are always full of energy, and we hope that fans will feel recharged and energized too when they see us. The mood makers in our team would have to be Lucas and the youngest member Yang Yang.

Q4. What are some things that the members would like to learn from each other?
A4. Since our debut, we’ve learnt how the seven of us can interact and become a team together, and now we’re like a family. Everyone has their own strengths and things they are good at, so we learn many things from each other. 

Q5. What is one country or place that the members would like to visit or perform in?
A5. We’ve been to many countries and places since our debut. If there is an opportunity we would love to travel to Singapore for a visit, and also to showcase our performances to Singapore fans.

Q6. What impression does the group have about Singapore? Anything you would like to try in Singapore?
A6. We know of Singapore as a clean and very beautiful place. We’d love to try seafood and the famous chili crab in Singapore.

The Skechers Energy Collection is also now available online at Skechers on Lazada. Get your pair today.

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1 Comment

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