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(G)I-DLE to meet fans online through second fan meet “GBC in the NEVERLAND”

Meet (G)I-DLE in their very own (G)I-DLE Broadcasting Club (GBC) this Sunday.

First was a stay-home concert right from their residences. Next came their first ever online concert, which replaced their world tour, 2020 (G)I-DLE Online Concert ‘I-Land: Who Am I’. Now, the girls are back to see their fans online with their second fan meeting “GBC in the NEVERLAND”.

Shifting away from their usual charismatic looks seen in their recent releases, the girls opted for a more winsome concept. The girls are dressed in school uniforms, in what looks like a broadcasting club.

This coming online fan meeting is slated to offer some unforgettable memories for their fans, NEVERLAND, around the world as the girls present exclusive performances tailored for this fan meet.

(G)I-DLE online fan meeting “GBC in the NEVERLAND” will be live streamed at INTERPARK TICKET this coming Sunday, 8 Nov, at 5PM KST (4PM SGT).

Tickets are now on sale. Grab yours now.

Listen to our pre-concert playlist “Showtime: (G)I-DLE 2ND ONLINE FAN MEETING [GBC in the NEVERLAND]” on KKBOX now.

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