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Gig Review: IU Showered Ku-aenas With Humour and Substantial Set In KL Show

Now we know IU is really different from Jang Man-wol, personality-wise.

“This is our greatest concert yet,” says IU during the Kuala Lumpur leg of her Love Poem concert. 

The approximately three-and-a-half-hour show was held at Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil on Saturday (21 Dec).

A large-scale overseas tour might seem remarkable on the outside. However, IU tells us that there are concerns that come along with it.

“I was curious and worried because it is my first time in Kuala Lumpur,” she revealed.

Many might know her as a vocalist with her insane ability to belt out high notes. As well as her always-so-stable vocals.

As an avid fan of K-pop, tracks from IU were no stranger to me. 

But I got a pleasant shock when my pals told me they liked her too. Some did not know she started out as a singer too.

This is so since she was recently the talk of the town because of her role as “Jang Man-wol” in tvN’s drama “Hotel del Luna”.

Image result for iu jang man wol gif

Fortunately, her venture into the acting industry did not signal her halt as a vocalist. Instead, she even brought tunes from her drama onstage in her Kuala Lumpur show.

IU served up “Previous Memories” (2019), which made its live debut during the show. 

Other Original Soundtracks (OSTs) from the drama, such as “Remember Me” (2019) and “Happy Ending” (2019) were also sung.

Outside her role as a bad-tempered hotelier, IU is actually a jokester. She commented on the city’s tropical weather. “But you guys (the fans) are making me sweat too,” she sheepishly joked.

New releases like “Blueming” (2019) were not the only ones in the setlist. Fans got a chance to time travel and listen to her classics.

Such were “You & I” (2011), “The red shoes” (2013) and “Good Day” (2010).

Thought her set ended there? Not really.

She not only gifted fans an encore stage, but a re-encore performance to close the show.

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