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Halloween Special: Can you recognise your K-pop Idols?

Our very idols can either look scary, or irresistibly cute during Halloween.

Every Halloween, K-pop idols become someone else or something else.

They dress up as sweet Disney Princesses or transform into cute cartoon characters.

Other times they morph into a scary creature — you can’t even identify the person beneath the disguise.

We rounded up the best outfits in K-Town. The question is: Can you recognise your K-pop idols?

Aladdin’s Genie

Girl group Twice holds aHalloween fan meet every year. This year,a Genie from Aladdin appeared onstage.

Perhaps inspired by Disney’s live-action remake this year, this member shocked fans with unconventionalchoice of outfit.

The answer — it’s Dahyun.


If this idol’s aim was to be scary, he achieved it. Can you recognise the star who is wrapped up in bandages? It’s EXO’s Baekhyun.


It’s easy to tell who these celebrities are. But we included them just because they’re irresistibly cute.

Girls’ Generation Yuri and EXO’s Xiumin turned yellow and became minions.


The most talked-about idol dressed up as themost talked-about villain in town.

V of BTS turned up as the Joker. We’re digging the fine details of the fashionista’s outfit —purple tuxedo and a gold tie. He was certainly dressed to kill.

Groot From Guardians Of The Galaxy

If you get this right, you are a genius.

It’s Luna from f(x). She dressed up as Groot at the 2018 SMTown Halloween Party.

Hear our Halloween picks on KKBOX HERE.

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