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HIGHLIGHT lights up celebration for Shilla Duty Free’s 4th Anniversary

SINGAPORE – The boys are back as Shilla Duty Free’s brand ambassadors! This time, their one day only trip to Singapore embodies pretty much a media conference, an up-close and personal fan-meet with local fans and a tour through the Shilla Beauty Loft which is the world’s first beauty services loft in a duty free store, where travelers can enjoy an exquisite pampering session before their flights.

The boys kicked off the session with a dialogue with the media from Singapore, China, and Indonesia, where Yo-seob shared that he’s more than happy to be the face of Shilla Duty Free and witness their success here in Singapore as well.

Fellow bandmate Dong-woon also shared that he had a wonderful time experiencing the luxurious services at the Shilla Beauty Loft where customers can experience personalized beauty services.

Leader Doo-joon’s absence was explained by his ongoing military service. He announced that he would be serving the army starting 24th August this year. He affirmed his mental presence for this event with the screening of his congratulatory message for Shilla’s Duty Free 4th Anniversary.

How can we miss out the performance by HIGHLIGHT? They performed three tracks live, which included Plz Don’t Be SadCallingYou and Celebrate. Fans raised up hand banners to congratulate the band on their 9th year  debut since 2009 during their last song of the set, Beautiful Night. 

No doubt it was an afternoon filled with music, laughter and fun, the boys were so spontaneous and generous for fan-service. Yo-seob picked up banners from fans and Gi-kwang even went down the stage so that fans standing by the side were able to get a closer view of him.

They took fans for a walk through memory lane as they bopped to their recent releases and older earworms that made their set even more memorable, garnering deafening screams from the crowd before ending with a hi-touch session with approximately 200 fans.

We are sure that fans hope to see HIGHLIGHT more often in Singapore representing Shilla Duty Free soon.

This event is brought to you by Shilla Duty Free. Special thanks to The Good Folks for extending the media invitation to us.

Words: Avier Tan / Julia Tay
Photos: Avier Tan

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