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Highlights From TWICE’s 2019 Halloween Fanmeeting

Mina is finally back with TWICE, to the pleasant surprise of many, at the 2019 Halloween Fanmeeting.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — South Korean girl group TWICE held their 2019 Halloween Fanmeeting at the Korea University Hwajeong Gymnasium yesterday (20 Oct).

TWICE recently ended promotions for their eighth EP (extended play) Feel Special, which was carried out with eight members.

To fans’ surprise, the girl group came back as a nonet.

Representatives from JYP Entertainment clarified that Mina attended on her own will. 

TWICE’s leader Jihyo did mention that the group was supposed to hold the fanmeeting with only 8 members. But Mina came up to them to say that she wants to be a part of the event to celebrate with both the members and their fans.

Despite her three-month-long hiatus, the group’s stage presence did not falter, as they brought up live performances of their newest release Feel Special (2019) and their summer tune Dance The Night Away (2018).

The members’ cosplay were always, and still remain, the highlight of the show.

This year, leader Jihyo played Miguel from the movie titled Coco. Nayeon and Jeongyeon played Old Boy and Mad Hatter respectively, while Momo dressed up as Boo, an adorable child from Monsters Inc. Sana was Mera from Aquaman, Chaeyoung was Edward Scissorhands and Tzuyu was Maleficent. Dahyun did not fail to impress this time, bringing the Aladdin look onstage.

Mina was herself, donning a purple one-piece for the first show, and a pastel pink dress for the second show, coupled with angelic wings.

The audience was a mint green ocean for the duration that Mina was absent, but that day was no exception. And she finally got to see it in person that day.

This time, fans from all around the world flocked to Seoul just to catch the show. Notably, Portland entrepreneur Jack Phan, who took notice of TWICE after #MOMO was trending on Twitter when the #AppleEvent took place.

Many in the fandom address him affectionately as the “ONCE Uncle”.

“[The fanmeet was] extra special with Mina [as] a part of the show, [and] taking pictures with Momo’s parents, and all the fans that recognized me was great,” says Jack Phan.

I think we can all rest on the fact that the Halloween Fanmeeting this year made ONCEs feel special, with TWICE now as a nonet, though it is still uncertain whether Mina will be participating in future promotions with the group.

Video Courtesy of Jack Phan, shared with permission
Mina Image Courtesy of 두두 (@DooDoo_22)
Concert Images Courtesy of JYP Entertainment

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