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Highlights of SuperM at The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Donating to Ellen Fund?

“Mom, I’m on Ellen!”, says the forever-charismatic Lee Tae-yong.

SuperM is making their mark in the States.

The supergroup formed in 2019 by SM Entertainment and Capitol Music Group, dropped their music video for their title track “Jopping” last Friday following which the lads also held a live performance at Capitol Records in Hollywood on Oct 5, Saturday as well. Their packed stateside schedule also included a #TwitterBlueroom LIVE Q&A session.

Fast forward a few days, they made their world television debut yesterday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

They attracted screams from fans following each member’s introduction. But something notably unusual was that the boys broke from their fierce, charismatic image in their music videos. In actual fact, they are hilarious in their own way.

Member Ten introduced himself as, yes, Ten. “The number Ten”, added the Thailand-born singer Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul. “Mom, I’m on Ellen,” says Lee Tae-yong, who spoke remarkably proficient English.

It’s a buffet for fans who were present at the show, and you guys in front of the monitor too. The lads from SuperM offered to demonstrate what “Jopping” actually meant. Jumping and hopping. It’s that simple.

Kai’s anticlimactic tutorial left the 61-year-old host Ellen saying that she was going to “pull a muscle”.

Suggestions for the group’s fandom name were also dished out during the session. M Joppers, super fans, what would it be?

Knowing that Ellen is always a fervent supporter for Gorillas in Africa, the lads decided to pump in fifty thousand, in donations for the Ellen fund.

Now we know why SuperM has a great following in Asia and in the States. They can dance, sing, rap and all, but they’re kind-hearted lads too.

In other news, SuperM will be kick starting the first stop of their World Tour in Fort Worth at the Dickies Arena on 11 Nov.

Watch the full video below:

Cover image and all images used in the article courtesy of Michael Rozman/Warner Bros., taken from Headline Planet.

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