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Hong Kong fans reunited with Lee Joongi, made donations for good cause

HONG KONG –South Korean actor, singer, dancer, and model, simply known as the jack of all trades, Lee Joongi, showed up at the press conference for ‘2019 Lee Joongi Asia Tour ‘Delight’ IN HONG KONG’ yesterday (9 March).

When he arrived the venue, he showered love to his fans by waving at them alongside a sweet smile.

Local fans have been waiting for Lee Joongi’s fan meeting for more that two years, so there were fans filled on all floors of Hollywood Plaza, where the public press conference was held prior to his fan-meet that will be staged today (10 March). Joongi was so amazed by the crowd and praised that they were all very beautiful, just like the city Hong Kong per se.

In the interview, we managed to prod into some details of the long-awaited fan meeting. However, Joongi was so humorous that he said it was a top secret, but no doubt a fun party.

Also, he was asked the drama genre he would like to take on. Joongi also replied in a humorous way, saying that he would like to continue working on the romance genre when he still looked handsome, as this was also the favorite genre of his fans.

To reveal more, Joongi shared his impression of Hong Kong. He personally thought Hong Kong was a picturesque place, filled with beautiful people and sights. During the interview, Joongi always emphasized his love to fans by saying ‘I love you’ in Cantonese, which set fans screaming.

There was an unusual yet meaningful segment in the press conference. Joongi received a certificate from MC, and the certificate was a donation certificate sent by Hong Kong fans. They were once inspired by Joongi’s generosity, and made donation to the needy during Joongi’s birthday annually.

Lee Joongi’s long awaited fan meeting ‘2019 Lee Joongi Asia Tour ‘Delight’ IN HONG KONG’ will be held on 10 March. We cannot wait to see his great performance in the party!

Words: Joanne Tung
Photos: Joanne Tung

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