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How Well Do You Know Ong Seong Wu?

SINGAPORE – All eyes were on Ong Seong Wu at his first solo fan meet in Singapore yesterday (6 April).

Previously, the K-pop star shared the spotlight with 10 other members of Wanna One. The temporary boyband was formed from the 2017 idol survival reality show Produce 101, and disbanded in January 2019.

When you have two hours onstage, Seong Wu had plenty of time to share personal trivia – from his sleeping habit to his flexibility.

Check against our list to see how well you know your idol.

  1. What’s his favourite flavour of coffee?

His choice of caffeine fix: caramel macchiato.
“I don’t really add on shots. I will ask (the batista) to make it sweeter.”

His sweet tooth isn’t limited to beverages. Singapore’s famed Chili Crab hits the spot for him. The sweetness of the sauce drizzled on Singapore’s Chili Crab is just right for his taste buds.

2. What’s his habit when he goes to bed?

“I’d like to cover myself with a blanket, all the way to the toes. When I was young, I was afraid that someone will come grab me when I’m asleep,” says Seong Wu.

“Now I don’t do it out of fear, but I feel empty if I’m not covered.”

We know what you’re thinking. Which one of you is picturing yourself snuggling up next to him to fill the void he feels without a blanket?

3. How flexible is he?

We’re not just talking about the gagman’s animated rubber face. Seong Wu’s special talent is folding and unfolding his ears. Say what? He stuffs his ears inwards. Then he can pop his ear lobes out on cue, no hands required. Seong Wu also demonstrated some serious thumb bending. He flexed the finger like it was a joystick and  arched it as far back as 90 degrees.

4. What is his signature dish?

Drumroll… ramyeon! Chef Ong reveals the TLC (tender loving care) which he puts into making a bowl of instant noodles. He says: “It’s noodles of professional standards. It’s about calculating the amount of water, timing when to close the lid.”

5. How many selfies are stored on his phone?

2,000 to 3,000 selfies. Blessed with photogenic looks, Seong Wu can’t help but capture his own face on camera. We certainly aren’t complaining.

Words: Gwendolyn Ng
Photos: Avier Tan / Joanne Tung

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