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HYO serves up ‘Dessert’ with Loopy and (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon

You know what I deserve? Dessert.

If anything, this scorching summer calls for refreshing desserts. Here, we’re not talking about tasty delights like chocolate, candies and marshmallows. Instead, treat yourself to a serving of HYO’s newest release ‘Dessert’.

From a demure teenager, Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon, now better known as HYO, is now making waves in the hip-hop scene. As seen from her solo debut as DJ HYO, to her recent participation in the Mnet reality survival show ‘Good Girl’, featuring the best in hip-hop R&B music in South Korea.

The 30 year-old soloist is also venturing into lesser explored genres. Her fourth single ‘Dessert’ boasts bouncy beats and Moombahton rhythms.

Featuring rapper Loopy and (G)I-DLE’s leader Soyeon, the trio’s synergy is another highlight. In a behind-the-scenes video posted prior to the track release, a snippet from the girls’ conversation was caught on camera.

“If you there is a certain style you have in mind, feel free to give your input and ideas,” Hyoyeon told Soyeon. Such autonomy is hard to come by in this saturated industry.

Both Soyeon and Loopy also took part in the process for penning down the lyrics for the track.

Lyrics like “You know what I deserve, dessert” are accompanied with tightly packed dance moves, one can only expect from a veteran like HYO.

Watch HYO’s ‘Dessert’ below:

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