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Hyun Bin meets fans again in Hong Kong after a gap of 6 years

HONG KONG –  After six years, Hyun Bin is back in Hong Kong once again to meet up with local fans at his fan meeting <LOG INTO THE SPACE-2019 HYUN BIN FAN MEETING TOUR IN HONG KONG> at Star Hall@KITEC on Saturday (11 May).

Following the shows in Seoul and Taipei, this is the 3rd stop of the fanmeet. Right from the beginning, Hyun Bin could be seen wearing a grey blue suit, triggering memories from his handsome image in his movies.

The 36 year-old actor, don’t be surprised, is multi-talented too, as he serenaded fans as he sang along to Ailee’s <If You>.

After that, he used Cantonese to say hello to the fans. Truth be told, the last fan meeting he held back in April 2013 at the same place thus Hyun Bin said he is very glad to visit Hong Kong again. More than that, he is much more grateful for the fans that were supporting him throughout and patiently waiting for his return.

The host first asked about what he’s up to now. This is exactly what fans would want to know, no? Hyun Bin said that he had been resting after shooting of “Memories of the Alhambra” and he teased about having upcoming plans.

When talking about the television series “Memories of the Alhambra”, Hyun Bin said that when they’re shooting in the church he suffered a bee sting and it was considerably painful. Poor him! Hyun Bin added by saying that since the drama is about AR games, there are many details to consider when shooting, and it needs quite a lot of post-production work, so it is a very special and unique experience in his career.

Hyun Bin changed into a charming pink suit and played games with fans. It was humourous at times especially when he was unfamiliar with the games but he is works harder to get good results and win gifts for fans.

We hope that we are able to see more of Hyun Bin‘s new works on TV soon!

Words: Avier Tan / Jayla Lau
Photos: Jayla Lau

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