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Idols go all out with their outfits this Halloween season

Halloween originated when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts and it is a celebration observed in a number of countries on 31 October, and while most celebrate this occasion in the Western countries. South Korea happens to be one of the few Asian countries to celebrate and practise the traditions of this festival.

Let’s look at some of the jaw-dropping and petrifying ensembles our idols have donned on this Halloween.

Starting from last Sunday (28 Oct), TWICE kicked off the celebrations early with their “ONCE HALLOWEEN” fan-meet held at the Yonsei University’s Nocheon Theater, which undoubtedly attracted prongs of ONCEs. What left us aghast was not their killer visuals, nor their power-filled choreography, nor was it their perfect stage set. It was their outfits. The 9 members of TWICE performed with one outfit throughout the whole fan-meet, well, it was kind of a cosplay session.

Nayeon as Catwoman, Jeongyeon as NoFace from the Japanese fantasy and mystery feature Spirited Away (2001), Momo as Cruela de Vil, Sana as Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland (2010), Jihyo as Princess Mononoke, Mina as the protagonist of the movie The Mummy (2017), Dahyun as the the horrifying doll from the movie Annabelle (2014), Chaeyoung as Joker, and Tzuyu as Emily the Corpse Bride.

If you thought only girl groups did a flamboyant celebration during Halloween this year, we are about to prove you wrong as many boy groups also did something special this Halloween.

NCT 127 dropped their Halloween version of “Regular”. Need we say more? Watch it for yourself below!

NCT DREAM also gave their spin of “We Go Up” choreography on that same day! The boys rocked their respective Halloween looks. A big treat from the SM boys indeed!

On the other hand, the rising hot boy group formed by A Team Entertainment, VAV also released a special performance version of their newly dropped song “Senorita” which had a Spanish vibe to it as well.

Did your idols’ costume surprise you?

Words: Avier Tan
Photos: A Team Entertainment / SM Entertainment

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