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iKON hopes to walk the flower road with iKONics forever

HONG KONG – Let’s welcome iKON back to Hong Kong for 2018 Continue Tour! As it is not their first time holding concert in Hong Kong, iKON returned with more well-prepared stages, including ‘Sinosijak’, ‘Rthyma Ta’, ‘Cocktail’, ‘Only You’, ‘Tendae’, 돗대, ‘Anthem’, ‘B-Day’, ‘Best Friend’, ‘Everything’, ‘Love Scenario ‘, ‘Goodbye Road’, ‘Killing You’ and ‘바람’.

At the beginning of the concert, leader B.I greeted Hong Kong fans with Cantonese, saying ‘I love you’ and ‘Do you miss me? I miss you so much’. Hong Kong iKONics were all surprised by his accurate pronunciation. iKON then shared about their experience in Hong Kong before the concert, like they have been to Tsim Sha Tsai, enjoying the famous local food dim sum and the night view.

Undoubtedly, iKON’s concert is always filled with laughter because of the entertaining rundown. Before continuing the stage, B.I and Bobby divided the fans into two teams, and asked their group to battle on the loudness of singing ‘Love Scenario’. B.I and his team lost so he went down the stage and took selfies with lucky iKONics. During the talk time, iKON talked about what they had improved in 2018. Jinhwan said he became more handsome than before, and worked hard for his fans in 2018. Hong Kong iKONics showed their great support to Jinhwan by saying ‘네 (Yes)’ loudly, but Bobby disagreed and asked fans not to lie.

Donghyuk then said that he improved his dance skills much and promised to show a solo dance stage in the future concert. Moreover, before the stage of ‘Best Friend’, iKON asked each other who their best friend was. Everyone was chosen except the leader B.I, so the members joked that B.I would be forever alone.

For the fan support, Hong Kong iKONics prepared the cardboard event showing the sentence ‘아이콘 꽃길만 걸어요 (iKON only walks on the flower road)’. iKON was so touched by the event and hoped that they would only walk on the flower road.

iKON 2018 CONTINUE TOUR IN HONG KONG was made possible by Applewood and Moonraker.

Words: Joanne Tung
Photos: Moonraker HK / YG Entertainment

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