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IU In SG: 5 Reasons Why IU Draws Crowds Like A Magnet

Was a good “two” days with IU, in Singapore.

South Korean singer IU is a sell-out. We mean in a good way.

The 26-year old made headlines for selling out her Singapore concert (Dec 7) in an hour. Concert organiser iMe promptly staged another concert on Dec 6.

Fast forward to D-Day on Dec 6, IU was greeted by the sight of a packed theatre at The Star Performing Arts Centre.

After watching IU’s almost 4-hour long show, I’ve come up with five observations as to why IU draws crowds like a magnet.

Hotel Del Luna Is Hot Stuff

“I guess I’m pretty famous in Singapore,” said IU in a haughty tone jokingly.

The disdain in her voice sounded vaguely familiar, like a certain character she played recently. Perhaps I was reading too much into it, or I’ve been watching too much Hotel Del Luna.

Already a top star in the Korean entertainment industry, IU’s popularity reached new heights in Singapore after the airing on Hotel Del Luna in 2019. The K-drama topped cable channel tvN’s ratings in Singapore and Malaysia since it premiered in August.

“I heard Singapore really loves Hotel Del Luna, so I prepared a present for you in a rush,” said IU, who proceeded to sing a medley of the drama’s original soundtracks.

She told fans that she was worried about the quality of her singing because of the short rehearsal time.

We say, “IU, you have nothing to worry about.”

IU Sings Likes An Athletic Angel

IU is a pretty face who can hold more than a tune. If you ever have a chance, it’s a real treat to listen to IU sing live.

Her sweet vocals are deceptively dainty. When singing ballads like ‘Love, Poem’ and ‘Autumn Morning’, she lulled the audience into a calm state.

When the song calls for it, IU can rouse the crowd by performing vocal acrobatics like an Olympic gymnast. Think ‘Good Day’, the hard-to-sing song which propelled IU to fame. Despite a less than ideal throat condition, IU hit all three consecutive sky-high notes.

IU asked: “I hope today was a good day.” Oh yes, it was. Time to put ‘Good Day’ on loop.

IU Gives You Value For Money

When IU ended her encore, I got out of my seat to leave.

A kind soul in the audience told me: “You’re not staying? Didn’t you see her second encore at the Taipei concert.”

Not long after, IU returned to the stage in comfy clothes ready to take on song dedications. IU showed no signs of stopping to conserve her voice even though she had a show the next day.

Taking one requests too many, she finally called it a day saying her staff might get hangry (angry from being too hungry).

IU Makes You Feel Like Her Friend

Why do people pay for concerts? It’s the one rare chance of beingin the same space as your idol, hopefully, there will be plenty of interaction.

IU made it an intimate session by chatting with audiences as if they were her friends.

She highlight fans in the crowd, speaking directly to a male fan who couldn’t stop grooving throughout. Then spoke in English to a Singapore fan, who replied in fluent Korean.

IU also shared how her family travels in Singaporeearlier this year.

She shared: “I came here with my family in January. We went to Night Safari, Universal Studios and Gardens By The Bay. My family really loves Singapore. My younger brother says he wants to come here as an exchange student.”

We can imagine he’ll be one of the most popular kids on campus.

IU Keeps It Real

It’s hard to bare your heart in front of people, what more a crowd in the thousands.

Confiding in the audience, IU said:“From the first tour until now, there was a bit of sadness during every concert.” IU lost two friends, Sulli and Hara, in a span of a few months.

“But for the first time, today, from start till the end … there was not a single space for the sadness to come in. I think Singapore has such an image for me. I will be back to feel this happiness again.”

Giving strength to those in need with the best incentive, she said: “I come once a year, I don’t know what troubles you may have.

“But when you feel despair and want to end everything, you’ll think about our promise to meet next year. You are going to come back right?”

What say you? We’ll be back.

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