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IU’s “eight” music video might have been a tribute to Sulli & Jonghyun

The music video with a youthful narrative may have an emotional side behind it.

The release of IU’s music video for her new single “eight” saw much praise for yet another splendid number from the soloist. The video is now number one on trending on YouTube.

But it has also gotten fans speculating that the 3-minute clip is far more than a simple narrative of her youthful self.

These fan theories are not fictitious tales as thought to be, since most are backed with solid evidence, which you might not even have noticed in the video.

They did, for a fact, made me gasp in amazement after giving the music video a second, and even a third watch.

Some say it was a tribute to the late singers, Sulli from f(x) and Jonghyun from SHINee.

For context, IU was great pals with both of them, and she might have wanted to bid them a last farewell through her music.

It can be seen in the video that a girl in a white dress appears riding on a dragon, and the girl was thought to be Sulli, the dragon as Jonghyun. However, IU has not made any official statements to confirm the validity of these claims.

This theory was apt because the lyrics of the seemingly lively track have quite an emotional bit behind it, revolving around people who left without saying goodbye, but remain in one’s memories.

Well, those who have a sharp eye for detail might notice that IU’s style has got a slight change. Compared to her youthful and demure look, she now gives off a futuristic and chic vibe.

Fans have noticed that her wardrobe stylist is Kim Jung-young, who worked with Sulli previously too.

What are your thoughts? Watch IU’s music video for “eight” below:

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