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IZ*ONE takes fans on a rosy experience with “La Vie en Rose”

The highly anticipated girl group formed through Mnet’s survival program “Produce 48”, IZ*ONE, finally debuts and releases their title track called “La Vie en Rose” today, on 29 October.

Their debut mini-album called “COLOR*ZE” which has the same pronunciation as “Colorize” comes in 2 versions, the colour version and also the rose version. Their debut album expresses the colour “Red”, which is the colour that best represents the passion of the members in IZ*ONE. 

The song title, La Vie en Rose, which is a French expression, literally translates to life in pink. However, it better translates to looking at life through rosy (pink) glasses. This phrase depicts a state where everything appears rosy and cheerful to the person wearing those pink tinted glasses. It’s about a state of bliss when everything around you is a source of joy. 

Similarly, in the song title, the song lets us experience the state of a rosy life through the IZ*ONE members conveying their joy and passion through their lively choreography and uplifting fresh tunes.

The music video, shot predominantly in single-colored backgrounds and it is not difficult that IZ*ONE takes on the steady approach of what a newly debuted girl group would do – uniform outfits and packed choreography.

This way, they make fans want more and indeed, we can’t wait to see more from IZ*ONE too. For now, let us see the charm from the 12 members of IZ*ONE through their newly released title track music video titled “La Vie en Rose”.

Words: Amira Syaheera / Avier Tan
Photos: Stone Music Entertainment

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