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Jackson Wang lets fans in on a secret behind his recent concert and album

Jackson Wang’s presence might just be the Christmas gift fans needed on Boxing Day.

SINGAPORE – If Jackson Wang’s in town, you can expect a large crowd present. On Boxing Day, he held an album promotion event at a rooftop cafe atop Design Orchard, located in downtown Singapore.

During his week-long trip here, he completed an intimate fan meet, a large-scale concert and an after party at Marina Bay Sands’ infinity pool. Unsurprisingly, he is met with yet another full house.

“I bought the platinum tier package because I know that I’ll get to see him in person with this purchase,” says Fion, 24, a banking professional.

The platinum tier package, which costs S$1288, comes with vouchers worth S$1000, two pre-autographed albums, two tickets and a photo opportunity with Wang.

She has been a fan of Wang since 2014. Despite having partied alongside him at Marquee in August and at his concert a few days ago, she jumped at this opportunity to meet Wang upclose.

“It’s worth it,” she tells SeoulHype.

At the closed-door event, Wang donned his signature black t-shirt, albeit slightly oversized this time, with floral-printed trousers and a pair of sunglasses on his head. He spoke predominantly fluent English, occasionally using Mandarin for clarity. 

Throughout the entire dialogue session, the laid-back star chose to stand for more interactions with his audience. And fans appreciate the gesture.

“This is one of the more intimate events in Singapore that has been organised so far,” says Mel, a primary school teacher. She arrived three hours beforehand to catch a glimpse of Wang at his last event at the Singapore leg of his Magic Man world tour.  

He also picked out a handful of lucky fans, mostly from Singapore, with some from Thailand and Manila, to answer some of their burning queries.

One fan particularly stood out, as she strings a few of Wang’s song titles into a sweet confession.

“Will you let me love you, because I will love you 3000, and because if you don’t then who’s going to drive you home, when you had a crazy day?”, says Chiou Huey, a King Kong Media artiste. “I thought his songs were very sincere, I could feel his emotions”, she tells SeoulHype.

She came up with the well-thought-out confession five days ago and was initially unsure of whether to use it. “But [I] decided to just go with it because true fans like me will know his songs,” she adds.

Like his fans, Wang is equally quick-witted.

“Do you want an honest answer? Or the commercial answer?” Wang deflects a question back at a fan who asked him to elaborate on his pre-concert routines.

According to him, the politically correct response is: he stretches and prepares himself mentally for the show, A wave of laughter fills the indoor cafe almost immediately.

But he is one man that speaks his mind.

“I always stay silent, I don’t let anyone talk to me for 20 mins,” he confesses. No fancy routines – the most he’ll do is have a cup of drink.

Wang employs the most rudimentary methods to achieve the biggest of things. 

The same goes for his recent album titled Magic Man. “I recorded every song in a hotel, with a portable recorder and a microphone,” he drops a shocking revelation.

His next album might just be done the same way.

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