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Jeong Eun Ji concludes her intimate “Hyehwa” concert in Singapore

SINGAPORE – When Eun Ji took to the stage at ZEPP@BIGBOX last night, she was here as Jeong Eun Ji the singer. It was the Apink member’s first solo concert in Singapore, following the Hong Kong stop for her “Hyehwa” concert tour held last Sunday (9 June).

Even without the company of APink members, Eun Ji was at ease onstage. In fact, at ease is an understatement. Eun Ji was brimming with confidence.

Eun Ji urged fans to leave a comment on social media saying that “Eun Ji is freaking good at English”. To interact with Singapore fans, she revealed that took up English lessons prior to her show here.

There was no need for an elaborate concert set-up. Eun Ji’s powerful vocals were enough to dazzle the audience.

Looking chic in a blazer and white skirt, Eun Ji kicked off the 2-hour set with hit tunes such as “Hopefully Sky” and “Spring”. She changed into a baby blue drop waist dress, serenading fans with tracks such as “Thinking About You” and “B”.

The interactive segment is the highlight of every fan meet. It’s a chance for fans to get to know their idols better. Picking out fan written slips out of a box, Eun Ji would grant the fans’ wishes. The cheeky Eun Ji had a trick up her sleeve. She “sabotaged” a fan by getting him to come onstage to sing a duet with her. Another fan’s wish was for Eun Ji to strike five sexy poses. A visibly awkward Eun Ji was quick on her feet, she pleased the crowd by dancing to APink’s Mr Chu instead.

“I hope fans can have a better understanding of who I am as a singer, as a human,” says the 25-year old soloist. In a pre-recorded interview clip, Eun Ji shared personal moments from self-doubts to her first love.

Behind the fame and glamour, Eun Ji candidly shared that there are low points too. “I feel lonely after partying with fans and when the lights turn off ”, she says. What keeps Eun Ji going is her passion for performing and her fans.

Nearing the end of the show, Eun Ji covered Hu Xia’s “Those Years” and Adele’s “When We Were Young”. Eun Ji easily hit the high notes one after another, as if it was a free-flow buffet. For instance, Eun Ji’s rendition of Beyonce’s “Love On Top”. She rose through three keys in a short span of a minute. There’s no doubt at all, her vocals are as solid as gold.

Watch her live rendition of “Hopefully Sky” below:

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