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Jeong Eunji warms hearts of fans with her voice at Hong Kong leg of Hyehwa concert

HONG KONG – Member of Korean girlband APink, Jeong Eunji staged her very first solo concert ‘Hyehwa’ in Hong Kong yesterday (18 May) at MacPherson Stadium.

Eunji was well-known as the main vocal of Apink, as well as a solo artist debuted in 2016 with the title song “Hopefully Sky”. She has already released three solo albums thus far.

Hong Kong based singer Phil Lam also came on stage to do a sweet duet with Eunji, covering Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Fans were more than immersed in her soulful serenade.

The popularity of Eunji was not to be underestimated as the whole venue was packed with Pink Pandas. In fact, tickets of the first day of the concert had been wiped out completely because of the overwhelming demand. In response to this, the organizer, Rolemodel Entertainment Group, also added an additional concert date on 19 May.

Undoubtedly, Eunji was welcomed by crowds of fans right from the beginning. She greeted Hong Kong fans with Cantonese she had prepared beforehand and asked them to tell a white lie for her, saying that she could speak Cantonese very well. Eunji’s quirky humour filled the stadium with laughter.

The concert continued with the songs like “Hopefully Sky”, “The Spring”, “It’s OK”. Fans were so into the concert and they interacted with Eunji by shouting fanchants and waving their lightsticks. As most of Eunji’s songs are light-paced and soothing, fans were able to follow along.

It was impressive that Eunji could grab the attention of all her fans, as there was not a single fan being distracted because of boredom, as Eunji brought some funny jokes to fans. For instance, when fans shouted ‘you’re so pretty’, she would immediately replied ‘I know’, which showed her confidence and the quirky sense of humour again.

During the wish-box section, Eunji listened to fans’ wishes earnestly and made them come true. Eunji, having an image of being a tough girl, revealed she was afraid of picking the wish of behaving adorably (aegyo). The most impressive part would be Eunji giving a live rendition “All For You” (an OST from the drama series Reply 1997) for fans. This was definitely one of the collective memories for Eunji and her fans.

At the end of the concert, Eunji came back with the encore stages of “Home”, and said that she hoped the concert would be like a home for fans. More than being a singer, Eunji is more like an  artist who could warm people’s hearts with her voice. Finally, the concert came to a close after Eunji entered the entrance of Hyehwa station. We are looking forward to the second day concert too, as it it going to be yet another wonderful journey with Eunji.

Words: Joanne Tung
Photos: Joanne Tung

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1 Comment

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