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Jessica hints potential collaboration between BLANC & ECLARE and Casetify at recent Fashion Asia Hong Kong Forum

HONG KONG – Jessica Jung, the Creative Director of BLANC & ECLARE showed up at the forum, “Fashion Challenges” of FASHION ASIA HONG KONG, which was held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The two-day forum aims to dig in further into what fashion really is about and ignite inspiration amongst various members of the global fashion community to pave the road for future designers and fashionistas.

Jessica is a well-known K-Pop star, actress and global fashion icon, no stranger to the public. More importantly, she also started her own fashion brand BLANC & ECLARE, featuring ready-to-wear, luxury products, suitable for the younger market. The products of BLANC & ECLARE are available at over 80 locations worldwide, which sets trends with its fashion-forward collections.

In the forum, she disclosed that BLANC & ECLARE would have a collaboration with the famous mobile phone case brand Casetify. In the promotional video, a phone case with a BLANC & ECLARE logo was displayed, catching the audience’s eyes with its minimalistic and tidy design. While expanding its impact to the fashion industry, Jessica Jung also told us that she will continue to have an all-around development, both as a singer and a creative director in the near future.

To top it off, Jessica Jung advised the audience to chase their dreams, which reminded us that she was also an icon of dream-chaser. Jessica Jung first met the audience as a singer and an actress, but she moved on her career by launching the fashion brand BLANC & ECLARE.

The “Fashion Challenges” forum was made possible by Fashion Asia Hong Kong 2018.

Words: Joanne Tung
Photos: Joanne Tung

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