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JUS2 concludes showcase in Macau with member Mark guesting as special host

MACAU – JUS2, the GOT7 Sub-Unit including the leader JB and the lead dancer Yugyeom, held their very first showcase tour at Broadway Macau yesterday (7th April).

First, Jus2 showed their sexiness with the performance of ‘Long Black’ and ‘Drunk On You’. IGOT7 (GOT7 fans) were screaming all the time because of their sexy charisma. Meanwhile, Fellow member, Mark of GOT7 was invited to the showcase to be the special MC. That’s what we call real brotherhood. His Q&A session with JUS2 was surely one of the most enjoyable part of the showcase too.

During the QnA session, JUS2 introduced their album to IGOT7, the album included different types of feelings. When doing a detailed explanation of each of the songs, they associated each track with a sense. ‘Senses’ is for the sixth sense, ‘Drunk On You’ is for the taste, ‘Focus On Me’ is for the sight, ‘Love Talk’ is for the hearing, and of course, ‘Touch’ is for the touch. There is no doubt that one of the producers of the album, the leader JB is a genius of concepts!

When IGOT7 asked JUS2 to ‘aegyo (showing cuteness)’, its more than hilarious, as JB and Yugyeom refused to do it at first. They explained that JUS2 was a sub-unit that only knew sexiness and feeling, and they had already left their cuteness way back in GOT7. They continued to promise that they would do it when they unite with GOT7 members, going out full force again.

The showcase ended well with JUS2’s encore stage of their title song ‘Focus On Me’. We look forward to see more of them at the coming ‘Focus’ tour again!

Words: Joanne Tung
Photos: JYP Entertainment / Freez Ltd.

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